The start of my blog site

On this site, I will write about the developments of my PhD project that aims to create space within higher education for students to live their existential questions. This project will last for three more years  at the bachelor Interdisciplinary Social Science.

I hope this project can work as a best practice within education. And can boost the transition towards forms of education where where students are taken seriously and stimulated to build a genuine relationship to the educational content and the world around them.

Furthermore, I want to collect stories within (higher) education about the space for existential questions. So If you want to share a story, you can react on this post.  Or write an email to daan dot buijs ad wur dot nl.

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  1. This sounds very important Daan, actually I have the opinion that higher education should be a space where students can live at laest a part of their existential questions. I can see that my youngest daugthter is given that space at the TU Delft in her honoursprogram. And isn’t this what is supposed to be solved by the student societies. In the program my daughte follows there is a lot of exploration whereas in student societies it seems to me the focus is mainly on copying.
    Space is important but challenging questions to support deep reflection are very important too, I think.
    I love what you are working at, and hope it works well
    Warm Regards

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